a glass Real kombucha in a champagne glass in the garden


You may have heard of kombucha. Perhaps you’ve even tried it. We’ve been serving it at Kudos Coffee now for some time. For those who aren’t sure what it is, here’s a little explainer.  WHAT IS KOMBUCHA? Kombucha is the...

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Two flat white coffees and a coffee book on a bar in kudos coffee shopon a bar

Coronavirus Update from Kudos

To all of our loyal friends and customers, In light of the latest announcement by our Prime Minister, we will sadly be closing our doors until further notice. The entire team here at Kudos Coffee would like to thank all...

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Drinking coffee whilst wrapping gifts

Gift Ideas For The Coffee Lover

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the older they get, the harder it seems to find family and friends great gift ideas, not to mention the work colleague who you need to get something for as you’ve been...

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Selection of teapigs tea

Teas to help you relax and unwind

Caffeinated coffee (we do de-caff too!) helps give you that boost you need to kick-start your day, and can often be the fuel you need to carry you through.   Teas and herbal teas on the other hand, can be exactly what you need to help you relax and unwind. Take a look below to see our selection of teas from teapigs, to have in or take away.  But...

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take away and ceramic cups

Does Size Really Matter?

Drink Sizes Something we hear in the shop regularly is “Can I have a large cappuccino please?” followed by one of our barista’s “Sorry, we only do a standard size of each drink”. This is often followed by a slightly...

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