May Reusable Cup Incentive

Got a reusable cup? Well it’s time to start using it again!!

We all got a bit out of the habit thanks to the last year, but we are once again happy – in fact it makes us positively giddy – for you to bring in your own cups when you’re taking away. And in case you didn’t know, we already offer a 20p discount when you do.

But we know we all need to do more! So to help encourage more people to ditch the takeaway cups and use reusable ones instead, for the whole of May we will be supporting green initiatives and offering a whopping £1 discount on all takeaway drinks when you use your own cup. We will also have a selection of cups you can buy in store if you’re in need of a shiny new one, and as an extra incentive your first drink is free with any reusable cup purchase.

So fish out that travel mug, give it a wash and get yourself down to see us in May for a great tasting takeaway with extra feel good since you’ll be helping do your part to reduce waste. Double win!!

Terms & Conditions

  • A reusable cup is classed as a vessel that can be washed and used multiple times.
  • The offer only applies to a product where a take away cup would have been used to take a drink away from the premises. I.e not consumed whilst seating inside or in our courtyard/garden.
  • Discount is applied to each reusable cup used, not to every drink on an order that contains a reusable cup.
  • Offer is valid for the whole of May 2021.
  • Customers reusing a single use/disposable cup will only receive the normal £0.20p discount applied for using your own cup.
  • Kudos Coffee reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any point
  • The discount offered is at the sole discretion of Kudos Coffee and their staff