Gift Ideas For The Coffee Lover

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the older they get, the harder it seems to find family and friends great gift ideas, not to mention the work colleague who you need to get something for as you’ve been given their collection or got them in the Secret Santa.

Whether it be for their birthday, Christmas or just because you want to show them how much they mean to you, it can often be a struggle to find something they don’t already have. Especially when most adults will go out and buy something if they really need it!

So I decided we needed a list of gift ideas for the coffee lover. Looking for gift-giving inspiration for your coffee obsessed friend? Then you’re in the right place.

From re-usable coffee cups for on-the-go coffee, to home brew equipment to make a delicious cup in the comfort of your own home, we’ve put together a list of perfect gifts for coffee lovers.

Here it is:

Re-usable Coffee Cups

As we become more environmentally aware, more people are switching to re-usable cups, and we’re pleased to see this happen.

If you know someone who often gets their coffee on-the-go then this could be the perfect gift for them. Not only are you helping them reduce their carbon footprint, but chances are you’ll end up saving them money as well – most coffee shops now offer customers a discount for using their own re-usable cups.


One of the most popular re-usable coffee cups is the KeepCup. And we’re huge fans. We offer a range of different sizes and colours at Kudos. They have a splash proof lid, a band to enable you to hold the cup comfortably without burning yourself and their durable tempered glass makes this a great looking cup.



Another great cup is the rCUP. They are 100% leak proof and there is no sip hole. It’s designed for 360° drinking meaning you don’t need to check for the small sip hole, and you can enjoy your coffee aroma easier. Ideal for the long car journey and the commute to work. One thing we particularly love about these is that they are made from recycled cups!


Stojo Collapsible Cup

One of the main reasons people say they don’t bring in their re-usable cup is the hassle of carrying it around once they’ve finished their drink. Now you can get collapsible cups – so once they’ve finished that delicious coffee, they can collapse the cup and put it straight in their pocket or handbag. Problem solved.


Many people who are really into their coffee will no doubt have a favourite roaster and beans, but they’re more than likely wanting to try some of the many other offerings that are out there.

Our favourite roaster is The Roasting Party, and even if the recipient of your gift has had a Kudos Coffee in the past, there are plenty of other blends and single origin roasts for them to try.

Come and pick up some beans in Kudos, or for a larger selection check out the Roasting Party site to see the others on offer.


Home Brew Equipment

There are plenty of different ways other than espresso to brew up a great coffee, you only have to read our blog about Home Brew Methods to see this, and it is a great way for coffee lovers to make a great tasting coffee in the comfort of their own home, or even when on the road.


The Aeropress is the perfect coffee maker that is perfect for those who travel about a lot. A compact package that doesn’t take up much room and allows the maker to create a great drink on the road, in the office or at home.


Purchase Aeropress

Hario V60 Kit

The pour over can produce a beautiful clean cup of coffee and is a great gift idea for the budding coffee snob, so why not give them the Hario V60 kit. With the V60 ceramic dripper, a glass range server with lid, and 100 paper filters, it has everything to get them started.



Chemex is another pour over, but what we love about this is how it looks. The Chemex would look great in any kitchen, with its hourglass shaped flask and wooden collar, it is a timeless piece of art.


Nespresso Machine

For the coffee lover who doesn’t want all the faff, you have the Nespresso machine. Simply put in your capsule, press the button, drink your drink and recycle the waste.



All home baristas will tell you how important it is to invest in decent scales for home brewing. Trying different scales ourselves, we’ve found two which we would use again and again and will recommend to you.

Acaia Pearl

The Acaia Pearl scale is renowned amongst baristas across the world. It’s response time is ultra-fast, and most importantly accurate. Pair it with the Acaia app to track your times and pour.


Brewista Smart Scale II

For home baristas, the Brewista Smart Scale ll is the perfect gift idea. It’s fast, responsive and accurate. With 6 different modes, from pour over mode to fully manual mode, it’s certainly advanced.



If you know a home barista looking to make the perfect cup every time, then a quality grinder is a good place to start. Although not cheap, we recommend the Mazzer Mini for a home user, alternatively the Sage Grinder Pro is a good choice if on a budget – either way, they’re worth the investment.

Mazzer Mini

For domestic coffee lovers who are big fans of espresso, The Mazzar Mini Timer Coffee Grinder is ideal. It creates a great quality grind, allowing you to adjust the grind to your exact preference, so you have total control – this isn’t always the case with grinders.


Sage The Smart Grinder Pro

The Sage Grinder Pro, is designed with 60 different grind settings to help make the perfect brew. What we really like about the Sage grinder though, is the accuracy and consistency of the grind.


Coffee Alcoholic Drinks

Another gift idea, which is simple and delicious, is alcoholic coffee flavoured drinks. Poured over vanilla ice cream of enjoyed during an evening by the fire, you cannot go wrong. Don’t forget to always drink responsibly though!

Patron XO Café

Coffee essence and Patron Tequila – need we say any more? This coffee liqueur is dry and strong, and particularly good in Martinis, and some say even better served straight up, direct from the freezer.


Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Another great option for those who love an espresso martini. The bottle itself is fantastic looking and a great gift to give.


Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

For those on a budget, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur is one to try. It’s creamy and delicious and perfect over a couple of cubes of ice.



Give the gift of knowledge. No matter how much we know about coffee, there is always more to learn and what better way than from some of the most renowned coffee experts in the industry?

Dhan Tamang’s Coffee Art: Coffee Designs for the Home Barista

If you know a coffee enthusiast then you can guarantee they will know who Dhan Tamang is. Dhan Tamang is 6 times, UK Latte art champion and renowned for his precise designs and use of colour.

His book ‘Coffee Art: Coffee Designs for the home barista’ is a great read, and chance to learn the basics of latte art design, and some trickier designs which introduce colour.


James Hoffman The World Atlas of Coffee: From beans to brewing – coffees explored, explained and enjoyed

This is the ultimate guide to all things coffee! From home brewing methods to the development of the espresso machine, this book allows you to learn everything that is wonderful about coffee.


Sage Espresso Machines

Lastly, if you really want to show someone how much you love them, then why not get them a home espresso machine!

The ultimate present for making a great quality cup of coffee, just like you get in your favourite coffee shop, but in the comfort of your own home.

Sage offer a great range of home equipment that also looks really good. We recommend using John Lewis for your purchases here due to their 2 year guarantee, as opposed to the standard 1 year.

The Barista Pro

The barista pro is a great entry machine, and something that is easy for the first time budding barista to hone their skills on. With an inbuilt grinder and steam wand, you have everything you need to pour yourself an espresso at home.


The Dual Boiler

The Dual Boiler is the next step up. A dual boiler means you have a boiler for the grouphead, and a separate boiler for your steam wand.

This allows you to steam your milk at the same time as pouring your espresso shot, whilst not lose any steam power and maintaining a stable temperature at the grouphead to ensure consistently good shots every time.



We hope you find the list helpful and if you have any queries, feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy Gifting!