Hot Chocolates: Why we use Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts

Whilst coffee remains the drink of choice at Kudos, many of our customers ask for hot chocolate during the colder winter months. And why wouldn’t you?

We serve top quality hot chocolates from The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts range. And we chose The Marimba Melts range simply because we think it’s the best.

Our hot chocolates are made using real chocolate flakes from quality cocoa beans, not chocolate powder, so you don’t get that slightly powdery mouth feel, it’s smooth down to the last drop.

Marimba uses single-origin chocolate

Each of the signature Marimba Melts uses single-origin cocoa beans. The origins are carefully selected, as the growing altitude and climate contributes to the flavour.

The signature milk chocolate (43%) uses a mix of Criollo and Trinitario beans from Venezuela. The Venezuelan chocolate gives a strong cocoa, nutty and intense taste, resulting in a creamy rich hot chocolate. This is our most popular choice from the melts range and perfect for those craving a classic hot chocolate to help warm you up.


The signature white chocolate (31%) uses Sanchez cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and produces a delicate, creamy flavour. Have you tried a white hot chocolate before? If so and you’re a fan, then you’re guaranteed to love THIS white hot chocolate. It’s definitely the one if you have a sweet tooth.

The signature dark chocolate (71%) uses Nacional Cocoa beans from Ecuador. Although the cocoa content is high, the chocolate delivers a gentle flavour with floral, earthy notes. Sometimes dark chocolate can be bitter and a bit ‘too dark’, but at 71% this is the perfect amount of dark while still creamy and delicious.


There’s a whole chocolate bar in every cup

Each hot chocolate simply contains cocoa, sugar, whole milk and a dash of vanilla essence. For each 12oz cup, there is 40g of chocolate flakes used which is equal to a whole chocolate bar. A whole chocolate bar! That’s exactly how hot chocolate should be, we say.

Why not add some mini marshmallows or whipped double cream……..heck, why not add both and really treat yourself! At no extra cost you’d be mad not to.

The range is gluten-free, and you can even go Vegan!

All of The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts range is gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy. (See above for all of the ingredients included in the melts range.)

Try either of the dark chocolate or sugar-free options, along with one of our dairy free milk alternatives (Oat, Almond and Soy available) and you have yourself a vegan friendly warming drink.

There’s even a sugar-free option too

It’s cold out there, so all you want is a mug of hot chocolate but are trying to lessen your sugar intake? We know the feeling!

Thankfully, Marimba has a sugar-free hot chocolate which is dairy-free too. It contains 55% cocoa, so combines the perfect balance of indulgent chocolate and sweetness.


Lastly, it goes hand-in-hand with a slice of cake

Although there’s a whole chocolate bar in each cup, we recommend enjoying with a slice of one of our handmade cakes or traybakes, for ultimate indulgence.

If you’re already a fan of our hot chocolates, then be sure to pick up a box of flakes to take home and make your own for the family whilst you stay in on those cold winter months. You’ll soon be the household favourite providing these sweet treats.

Look out for our winter special editions hot chocolates coming soon!